With 2.5% of every purchase, we buy eco friendly paint and donate it to local children's hospitals and kindergartens. We can make a difference.

Homemade organic milk paint and wood waxes. We enjoy offering eco-friendly, natural and fresh products for your home.

A premium boutique building materials online store

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint since 1974 and Daddy Van's natural waxes with express delivery directly from Konsiteo's warehouse in Europe. Standard shipping fee from £11. Instead of discounts, we offer the best experience. Good enough online store no longer is.

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Boutique is a business model. It’s a business that isn’t price sensitive, one that won’t compromise the client experience to save a few pounds and one that won't sell low quality products. It’s competing on service, quality product and sensory experience rather than price. It’s being distinct, leaving an impression on clients with each interaction.

If solely price, neither quality nor service, is the most important factor we aren't the right online store for you. We believe in thinking differently, we believe in reinventing building materials industry. We offer high quality building materials with reliable logistics and excellent real time engineering support. And we also enjoy helping others through Konsiteo’s housing fund.

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Are you interested to become our premium member? Aren't all club memberships very similar? Here, you won't get free shipping, discounts and free returns. But you will help others. We will buy building materials and donate them. Also as a premium member, you will receive regular reports about where your money is spent. We can change the future, and we need you :) Join us on our journey.


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As an EU citizen, you can use any of these languages in correspondence with Konsiteo's team, and we will reply in the same language. What are the EU's languages? There are currently 24 official languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish and Swedish. We provide more than just an ordinary service!

Homemade, interior wood and wall paint in 20 hues. Organic, bio degradable and non polluting.

We have made every effort to produce a paint with many traditional based colours. It is entirely bio degradable, with no VOCs or any solvents added. We've found a safe way to reproduce the old look and make a milk paint the old fashioned way. It's made from crushed limestone and pigments found around clay pits, or chimney soot and mineral colours crushed and powdered.

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Mr Charles Thibeau initially began experiments in 1974 to reproduce a milk paint formula.

The early Americans, and the Europeans before them made their paint with only natural materials. This fact and the ongoing concern for a healthy environment has directed his search for just the right mix of ingredients for milk paint and other finishing materials.

Where do our online customers come from?

Support Konsiteo's housing fund. 2.5% for the better future. We can make a difference.

With 2.5% of every purchase, we buy eco friendly paint and donate it to local children's hospitals and kindergartens. It's paint free from VOCs, carcinogen or toxic substances and also it reduces CO2. We believe that children are our future. Join us!

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We import products by KUEHNE + NAGEL & LUFTHANSA CARGO on a weekly basis

Every month, one of our customers will receive this delightful book as a gift :) We care about you!

Paint contains milk protein, lime and pigment. The world's most eco and baby friendly paint.

Since 1974, The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company has been producing a genuine Milk Paint as close as possible to the old primitive, homemade paint made on the back porch with skim milk or buttermilk. It is suitable for people who suffer from chemical intolerance and is recommended for hospitals, preschools, nursing homes, living spaces or rooms for babies and children.

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Natural milk paint is always made in powder form. Since 1974 often copied but never equalled.

Genuine milk paint is a calcium caseinate. It is made from milk protein, also known as casein, and lime, also known as calcium, plus the earth or mineral pigments. Keep the paint powder sealed until ready to use. If it is kept dry and airtight, it should last indefinitely.

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Let's build the better future together!

2.5% of your purchase goes to the housing fund. We're helping to refurbish local communities around the world. Not only does our company provide great value to our customers, but we leave them better off than if they didn't use us at all. We must always find ways to improve what we do. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our team is eager to please, flexible and professional.

Ingeo™ is not only a packaging material that has excellent oil, grease & odour barrier, but the entire package is made from renewable resources, and the packaging can be both composted in a compost site and recycled

The outer milk paint cardboard packaging is made of recycled paper. Inner Ingeo™ biodegradable and 100% compostable packaging is made of corn sugar, and you can put it in compost. Ingeo™ doesn’t require corn, it only needs a sugar source, whatever is most readily available depending on the geography. In the future, Ingeo™ will be made from cellulosic raw materials, agricultural wastes and non-food plants. Ingeo™ is a unique bio-based material made from plants instead of oil. NatureWorks currently uses plant sugars derived from 100% annually renewable field corn as the source material for manufacturing Ingeo™. This corn is already grown for many industrial and functional end-uses. In context, Ingeo™ uses less than 1/20th of 1% (0.05%) of the annual global corn crop today, and as such contributes little to no impact on international or local food chains.

100% Naturally Safe Historic Paints

Daddy Van's All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish - Love Your Wood™

Over 125-year history, Kuehne + Nagel has evolved from an international freight forwarder to a leading global provider of innovative chain solutions

Kuehne + Nagel logistics

Konsiteo's transparent supply chain mapping: Kuehne + Nagel, Lufthansa Cargo & DPD

Modern supply chain mapping is the process of engaging across companies and suppliers to document the exact source of every material, every process and every shipment involved in bringing goods to the market. Click on the link to check out our latest Kuehne + Nagel & Lufthansa Cargo shipment. After you place an order, we will provide a DPD tracking number.

Find QR code on the package, scan it and learn more about where your products came from. Transparency matters.


Natural ingredients in organic paint are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our milk paint is free of VOCs, solvents, harmful poisons, latex, lead, mercury, radioactive materials, petroleum by-products, plastics and synthetic preservatives. Milk paint is entirely safe for anyone who has chemical sensitivities and for children.

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Konsiteo doesn't use drop shipping or fulfilment centres, and our team packs every single order. Quality matters!

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We will be delighted if you would like to offer The Old Fashioned Milk Paint products and Daddy Van's waxes at your small brick and mortar store. Contact us by email store@konsiteo.com, and we will get back to you with wholesale pricing :) We will also supply you with marketing materials, EU declarations and labels. You will be listed under Konsiteo Store official locations and will join us on our journey to make Europe a healthier and greener place to live.


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